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In Five Productions, Inc. teamed with legendary Hot Rod design company Foose Design to produce a SMT on behalf of AutoZone to promote the new Truck Zone area in each AutoZone store.   Chip Foose, star of TLC's "Overhaulin'" program gave travelers tips on how to prepare their truck or car for the demands of a summer road trip.  The remote SMT originated from Foose Design's garage, birthplace of some of the coolest Hot Rods in America.

A late-nite run to the grocery store for a jar of pickles or a carton of ice cream is a familiar event for many pregnant women and their excited supporters.   In fact, in a study of 600 mothers between the ages of 18 and 40, 75% admitted to caving in to cravings during pregnancy.  The problem is that while 70% of those polled thought it was important to eat nutritious snacks during a pregnancy only 8% actually chose a healthy substitute to the food item they were craving.  With that in mind, Ross Laboratories decided to design a product that would help pregnant women get the nutrition they need and while satisfying their cravings.  The product, Ensure Healthy Mom Shakes and Snack Bars, was launched in May, 2005.  In Five Productions teamed with Ross and their PR firm Burson-Marsteller to produce a Satellite Media Tour and B-roll package highlighting the launch.  Rebecca Matthias, President of A Pea In The Pod Maternity, Mimi Maternity and Motherhood Maternity served as the spokesperson and provided tips from her book "51 Secrets of Motherhood (That Your Mother Never Told You).

The roar of the engines and the smell of hot, buttery biscuits?  General Mills Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits awarded their NMPA NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award 2004 to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for the second year running.  Selected by fans, Dale Jr. was the fifth driver in the award's history to win it in consecutive years.  In Five was there to capture the award ceremony on tape for a b-roll package.  Pictured below Dale Earnhardt, Jr. with the trophy and In Five producer Amy Fisher interviewing Dale.

In Five teamed with Elsie the Cow, First Book and celebrity chef Curtis Aikens to help promote the launch of an "Udderly Unique Literacy Program" through a national Satellite Media Tour (SMT.)  During the SMT, Curtis invited kids across the country to participate in the national "Bring Elsie Home Drawing Contest" to help illustrate the new book, "Elsie Saves the Day -- A Mooving Tale of Adventure and Friendship," written by children's book author Frank Murphy.  Winners had their artwork published in Elsie's book and received college savings bonds.  In turn, when kids entered the contest Borden's donated money to First Book who provides new books to children from low-income families.  Pictured below (L to R) Harriet Blickenstaff, Blick & Staff Communications, Chef Curtis Aikens, Mark Sofer, In Five Productions, Inc.

In an effort to support the families of U.S. Military personnel actively serving in the armed forces, Build-A-Bear Workshops and the USO launched "Operation Stuffed with Hugs."  The program allowed children to build and donate a bear to the children of U.S. Military personnel on Armed Forces Day.  With Shoshana Johnson, former U.S. Army Specialist and Iraqi POW, serving as national spokesperson, In Five Productions, Inc. was able to book 37 live interviews resulting in 58 placements including a hit in every one of the Top 10 markets except San Francisco, CA.  In Five also assisted Build-A-Bear Workshop's public relations firm Blick & Staff Communications with pitching national and local media outlets in New York City.

Spectrum Science Public Relations and Pfizer teamed up with In Five Productions, Inc. to produce a series of SMTs with former U.S. Senator Bob Dole discussing the new Medicare bill.  The SMTs were conducted from Columbus, OH, Tallahassee, FL, Harrisburg, PA and Chicago, IL and garnered numerous national bookings.  Senator Dole is pictured below with Mark Sofer of In Five Productions, Inc.

Have you ever dreamed of building your dream garage?  Well, In Five got an opportunity to do just that when we produced a SMT for AutoZone on Spring Car Care Tips.  The SMT was a huge success and the garage set was built and struck in about 45-minutes.  Too bad it takes longer than that to clean out the average garage!

When the Fab Five strolled down the red carpet to introduce their new "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" Soundtrack CD at Avalon in New York, In Five was there to capture all the excitement for party sponsor Kahlua.

Have you ever wondered how you can live like a millionaire on an average Joe's salary? Well, we know how!? Taco Bell, JAG Entertainment and In Five Productions, Inc. teamed together with Paul Hogan, Joe Millionaire's butler, to provide the secrets of how to live the high life on a limited budget.

When Dome Communications wanted to garner TV placements for their client Hunt's introduction of it's new "Perfect Squeeze" ketchup bottle they turned to In Five Productions, Inc. to produce a "Labor Free Labor Day" SMT. The SMT featured Alton Brown, host of Food Network's "Good Eats", and provided labor-free solutions on how to prepare for and clean up after your Labor Day cookout.

In Five Productions, Inc. and Dome Communications teamed up to produce a SMT that answers that age old question - "What's for lunch mom?" Barbara Albright, registered dietician, provided tips on how to easily pack a cool back-to-school lunch. The SMT was produced for ConAgra Foods to introduce their new "Squeez 'N Go" portable pudding in a tube.

In Five Productions, Inc. teamed up with Spectrum Science Public Relations and the Wellness Community to produce an SMT promoting the launch of the Wellness The Satellite Media Tour featured Wellness Community board member and cancer survivor Ted Kennedy, Jr., and breast cancer survivor, Alex Koffman.

Mark Sofer and Eric Mangol of In Five Productions, Inc. on the set with Ted Kennedy, Jr. and Alex Koffman.

Janey Gubow and Mark Sofer of In Five Productions, Inc. hard at work on the Virtual Wellness Community SMT.

Parenting Expert Julie Edelman provides tips on how to get your kids more involved in mealtime by involving them in a meal's preparation. SMT produced for ConAgra Dairy Food's Parkay Fun Squeeze.

In Five Productions, Inc., Dome Communications and ConAgra Dairy Foods come together to produce the Parkay "Squeezing Fun Into Mealtime" SMT."